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 President's message
from the MOB November 2014 newsletter

Hi Mobsters,

We made it to the month of November 2014. I can't believe this year went by so fast. Our Super Swap Meet will be here soon and I know we will have plenty of support from the club. The Super Swap Meet is the clubs Grande event to see all the Mob-sters you haven't seen or don't know. I know some of you are unable to attend due to your jobs or your health - I can understand this. Anyone who can at-tend, then this would be appreciated. We are still in need of help with different jobs at the Super Swap Meet. If you didn't sign up for one then please come out and give one of your members a break during the day. Let's start the New Year off right and come to the Super Swap Meet and have some fun and show your support. Whatever the reason you may have had from not attending the general membership meetings and car shows can be resolved.

At the November meeting we will be going over the Super Swap Meet, paying for your 2015 member-ship renewal, and ordering Super Swap Meet tee shirts which must be paid at the time you ordered them. We also will be taking registrations for the 2015 Super Swap Meet car show if you plan to dis-play your car in the showing area. All of these need to be paid with separate checks or cash due to some issues keeping the books right. Please come to the meeting early between 5:30pm to 7:00pm so you can take care of these things. After 7:00pm we will be discussing club business.

Hot Rockin Nites in Rockledge was a big success for the club. Four of our members walked away with trophy's. It was a beautiful night with lots of music, socialization, and great Mob people. For any of you who missed the dance, the music was really good. Everyone had a great time that came to support the club and we raised money. I have to thank Penny and Sharon who ran the show. They did a fantastic job and also thanks to the rest of the Mob members who supported the dance. I joined the MOB over ten years ago where I have experienced good times and bad times. For me, the club is the best in Florida. We have car people following us from out of state so if you say you belong to the MOPARs of Brevard, show your loyalty and come to the meetings, car shows and events.

Drive Safely and Thanks,

President Pete Stasio

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