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 President's message
from the MOB May 2015 newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Another wonderful month for the MOB with all the events. I am see-ing more people attending the General Membership meetings which makes me very pleased and another note is that we are work-ing as a ’Team’ on many of our business ventures. These will be discussed in the newsletter and we will go into it with more detail at our May 2015 meeting.

We had our ’Soaking’ and wild Cruisin for April and hope the weather won’t be an-other factor for May. Good news is we did get 72 brave car enthusiast to come out to the event. Many thanks to the MOB members who helped with the event and we plan on seeing you in May.

I don’t want to repeat myself because many of the activities are in the articles throughout the newsletter. Remember, we will be having Memorial Day this month so please drive safely and enjoy the time with your friends and families. Pay tribute to our military veterans past and current during the weekend.

See everyone at the meeting, car events and be safe wherever you are.


President John Capua

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